Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Starting With Fillets and Filling The Screwholes


  1. Loving the blog!! Waiting for more new pictures!! Thanks

    1. At the Moment we are sailing in Turkey and will proceed with Building in November. Your comments are always welcome!
      All the best and fair Winds

  2. Really neat work and a lot achieved to date. I am trying to decide between a TiKi 46 or 38 so will follow your Blog and the Gleda project with great interest! Have study plans of both.

    Would love the space of the 46, but boat will be based on North East extremity of the Philippines which has several typhoons each year. We can pull up beach for shelter, shallow draft will help, but sheer size/weight of 46 vs 38 concerns. Can site a winch and construct rollers, but worried that will be reluctant to launch/recover many times if I need a team of 30 to do it each time!!

    What made you decide on the 46??

    Good luck and keep up the posts/photos. Hope you will see activity on my blog in August next year. Will have to decide and buy one set of plans by then!!

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your Message.
      First of all sorry for my bad english, my first language is German.
      I was in the same situation like you. I had study plans for 38 and 46. I visited a Tiki 38 in Cuba (Touch Wood ) and a second Tiki 38 in Saint Tropez (Boutny). I am sailing the most time only with my wife, so a 38 would be big enough. But on the other side we love to invite our daughters with their boyfriends or to invite friends. So we are up to 6 people on board. In this case ist is nice to have 2 heads and 3 double cabins. So we decided to build the 46.
      Let me know your decision!
      All the best and fair winds

  3. Watch out Peter!

    T46 is twice the time and the costs than a T38 (check the respectives weights). Having built a 38, I know i could not have finished a 46, financially and physically.