Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Depressions For Rudder Lashing In The Skeg

605 hrs
Still preparing the lower port hull surface for glassing on saturday!

JWD advises to cut 100 x 25 mm depressions, 6 mm deep into the skeg for rudder lashings before glassing. We will to this after glassing and therefore we made a test-sample from 12mm ply + 4 layers of glass and fillercoat. Then we cutted the depressions with a router and a " copydisc". The result you can see on the photos.


  1. Superb work...

    Cynthia and Jean-Paul
    at Mindelo - Cape Verde (30°C...)

    1. Thanks and have a good time and fair passatwinds......

      Demi and Dirk
      At Austria ( +3 deg.C...)